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How airsoft revolver work

I was looking at some nice airsoft revolver pistols and i was wondering. do they use gas or are they spring loaded or what? can anyone. In turn, the motor works to cycle a piston and/or spring component that fires BBs or pellets from the barrel. The airsoft models come in pistol, revolver and rifle. Truth be told, all airsoft guns work under the same principles. Typically spring guns are far less complexed than electric guns, it's the same.

posted in Gas Powered Handguns & SMGs: Im used to magazines, I know what shells are but how do they work, once you use a shell, can you. At AirsoftCore, we are always asked how Airsoft guns, grenades, shotguns and snipers work. Read our detailed guide, for all your Airsoft & BB. An illustration of the working of a Version 2 electric motor Electrically powered airsoft guns use a spring-loaded piston.

If there's anything you need to know about airsoft, AirRattle has the answers. Airsoft Electric Pistols (AEP) work in a very similar manner to the larger AEG s.

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