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How to create categories in wordpress

WordPress categories are a very convenient way to organize your posts. You can How to create WordPress categories; How to assign posts to categories. In order to add/delete a category in your blog, log in to the admin area and go to Posts -> Categories. To add a category, simply type its name in the C. Find out how to add categories in WordPress and assign posts to them! As well as the Post creating, to add a new category, you'll just have to hover the mouse.

Understanding Parent, Child, and Sibling Categories in WordPress useful, if you want to create all your categories before adding content. You can create a category in WordPress while writing a post. There is a categories meta box on the post editor screen with a list of existing categories. You can. Categories provide a helpful way to group related posts together, and to quickly tell readers what a post is about. Categories also make it easier for people to.

Then, once you add this category as a tab in your menu, it will create a page that displays only those posts you added to the “Soups” category. Also any new. Use categories in WordPress to group your content into sections to help You can create as many taxonomies as you need, but that requires. Description. This function adds a "simple" category by specifying a category name and (optionally) a category parent. This is a shorter version of.

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