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How to propagate african violets from leaves

“Can I grow African violets from seed?” is a good question because most of the time rooting African violets is done from leaf cuttings. African. African violets are easily propagated and are excellent plants for the This method guarantees that you will not wet the leaves of the violet. African violet propagation Step 1: Remove and trim leaf. Remove a fresh leaf from the plant that you wish to propagate. It's best to use a mature leaf, but not one.

How to grow African Violet easily from leaf cuttings! Two simple yet fail proof propagation methods are covered in detail here!. Summary: Propagating African Violets from leaf cuttings is an easy way to expand your collection. Propagation can be done by placing leaf cuttings in water or. Plant the leaf in the hole firmly, and cover the bottom (where you applied the rooting hormone) with soil.

It is relatively easy to propagate African violets vegetatively by rooting cuttings; a leaf with an intact petiole, or leaf stem, can develop roots if properly placed in a. Leaf. Propagation of African violets to gain more plants of the same variety is normally done by leaf propagation. In fact, everyone seems to.

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