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What is a badger set

A sett or set is a badger's den. It usually consists of a network of tunnels and numerous entrances. The largest setts are spacious enough to accommodate 15 or. The first step to identifying a badger sett is to find a likely area where they might be living. Badgers are surprisingly widespread and they have a. As well as the main sett, there are up to six outlying setts dotted throughout each badger territory. They are used in the warmer months when.

Sett. Badgers are common over most of Britain, living in a wide variety of habitats (though they remain very secretive and elusive mammals). The badger lives an. Badgers live in a system of interconnected tunnels and chambers called a sett. Every badger clan has one main sett, which is used for breeding and is usually. I'm sitting on an old railway embankment beside an enormous badger sett in Norfolk, waiting for one of Britain's most enigmatic animals to.

This spoil heap can contain badger hairs and discarded vegetation which has been used as bedding within the sett. We've created an artificial badger sett to relocate a colony which was living too close to our works at Crossrail Anglia for principal contractor. Badgers reside in a network of tunnels and chambers called a sett. Badger social groups normally have one main sett that is in use all year round and several.

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