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What is middle class in the us

The American middle class is a social class in the United States. While the concept is typically ambiguous in popular opinion and common language use. About half of American adults lived in middle-income households in Find out which income group you're in with our newly updated. The Pew Research Center defines the US middle class as those earning 67% to % of the median household income. Middle-class Americans earned about $40, to $, in , according to Pew's definition, but middle-class incomes vary at the state and city levels.

The average median income is exactly in the middle of the range of incomes. Half of Americans make more and the other half make less. The U.S. Census. In reality, the middle class now makes up just over 50 percent of the total U.S. population, according to a recent report from Pew Research. Are you considered middle class where you live? Use our calculator to find out. being middle class means to me. Source: U.S. Census Bureau By: CNNMoney.

Whether you're considered middle class most commonly depends on your income. But experts differ on how much you have to earn to fall into this camp. One of. Pew defines the middle class as a wide range that is two-thirds to double the median household income in the United States. Those numbers. The middle class is still the majority (52%) of the US population, according to a recent report (September ) from the Pew Research Center. The majority of Americans — 62 percent — identify as middle class, but a year ( before tax) is smack dab in the middle, according to the U.S.

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