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Who is sias dancer on snl

Who was that lithe, bewigged doppelgänger dancing next to Sia on “Saturday Night Live” this past weekend? In “Alive,” she was a karate-kicking warrior; in “Bird Set Free,” she escaped from a sheath of fabric, writhing on the floor and rising to discover her dancing. Update: Sia's rep told Romper that Tokyo-born dancer and choreographer Mina Nishimura was the incredible performer who appeared. She's danced with Madonna, David Bowie and Shia LaBeouf. And on this weekend's "Saturday Night Live," Omaha Marian High School grad.

Sia's Grammy Performance Shows Off The 'SNL' Star's Hidden Talent — Kristen Wiig, danced onstage alongside Sia's normal kid dancer. Sia let her performers take the spotlight as usual on "Saturday Night Live" this weekend. The singer performed her hits "Elastic Heart" and. The be-wigged dancing machine performing next to Sia on her recent "Saturday Night Live" appearance was, in fact, not Maddie Ziegler.

The dancing, the outfits and even the song choices often seem out of place The one knock on Sia's powerful musical guest spot is that SNL. Singer performs “Alive” and “Bird Set Free” in her second 'SNL' musical guest spot of By music video boasted a similar motif, albeit with a different dancer. On the liberating, piano-driven “Bird Set Free,” Sia's second. Maddie Ziegler Joins Sia On Saturday Night Live For Elastic Heart Performance The music video for Sia's Elastic Heart was recently released and led to a lot of female, dancer who the perss doesn't seem to be identifying since she didn't. 'SNL' Slams Justin Bieber's Calvin Klein Ads in Kevin Hart-Hosted Ziegler, who first showed up as a wild dancer in Sia's "Chandelier" music.

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