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How to be a politicians wife

That's one reality of being the spouse of a politician: It is bigger than politics. It's possible for a spouse to have issues of her own, especially the wife of a. Surrogates constantly stress these political wives' devotion not just to husband ( and husband's career) but to home, children, and hearth. Top politicians' wives, on the other hand, are, as the election campaign begins, under top-to-toe scrutiny, ready to be wheeled out to adorn their.

On Melania Trump and the limits of feminist sympathy. One of the most challenging parts of Political Wife Life is the commuting. Every Sunday we pack up the family, the zoo, a few perishable groceries, my make-up. Libby Brooks: Chris Huhne's estranged wife is writing a memoir about their breakup – but is it so clear that she's only motivated by revenge?.

As high-profile political couple Simon and Karen Danczuk split, Sophy Ridge looks at how tough it is to be a politician's wife. As Stephen Harper prepared for the first set of election debates, his wife Laureen was hitting the campaign trail. Spouses of politicians often get called on to shine a light on a candidate's “You don't see the husband out speaking for the wife who is a. Join the designer wives club with this book, which begins with The 3 P's: Pomp, Power and the Politician.

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