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How to cook a country ham correctly

A country ham, properly prepared is a delicious treat. The first step to preparing a country ham is removing the excess salt. Country hams are. Learn how to prepare a country ham from the experts at Smithfield Marketplace. CAUTION: Please secure country hams properly and carefully to avoid. Boiled country ham is often served between a biscuit or roll at parties. There are many, many recipes for cooking country ham. Most folks usually fry country ham.

You may be able to have your ham sliced at your local butcher shop or supermarket. Start slicing at the butt-end of the country ham and make sure you slice. Instructions for cooking country hams are usually two ways:Bake at F for 15 minutes, let sit for 2hours, bake at F for 15 minutes and let sit for 6 hours. According to the USDA, salt-cured hams are not properly cooked but the salt reduces the water content in the meat, which helps prevents pathogens from.

Nancy's genuine green hickory smoked Kentucky Country hams are carefully to eat and are only an indication of a properly aged Kentucky country ham. Hams .

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