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How to modify yamaha xj6 exhaust

Hi guys, Got my XJ6 a couple of weeks ago! I'm thinking of cutting the box off the stock exhaust, and simply fitting a bit of pipe & then the. Motorbike: 09 yamaha xj6, Honda cr the original exhaust. Heard that I can modify old r6 headers to fit my bike but don't know how to do that. The XJ6 is fuel injected, so an aftermarket exhaust (Arrows, Leo Vince, Scorpion, Two Brothers, Akrapovic etc) would be easily procured.

I have not seen many xj6ns that have been modified however they look like . Im getting my exhaust custom made on tuesday i will upload pics. Cheap Exhaust & Exhaust Systems, Buy Directly from China Suppliers:Universal MM Modified Motorcycle Exhaust Pipe Muffler FOR YAMAHA XJ6 N XJ6. Secondhand Yamaha XJ6 Shotgun Exhaust. In reasonable good Motorcycle Modification Exhaust Middle Link Pipe Muffler for YAMAHA YZF-R6

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