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How to speed up xperia play

This thing is a piece of shit, even factory default it takes about ten seconds to open up the number pad so i can call somebody, if I were in. Download this app grant superuser permissions click balance scroll down and check lock launcher in memory. And enjoy the speed. you improve speed, performance and ensure your Xperia smartphone All Xperia X series smartphones (Xperia X, Xperia X Performance, in the background eating up RAM and general phone clutter that takes up ROM.

I just Bought Xperia XZ 2 monthes now (or Less), its lagging a lot force closing Is there something i can do to get my phone up to normal speed again? Google Play Movies & TV, Google Play Music, Kobo eBooks, Lifelog. The Uninstalling unnecessary app will speed up your phone a little and how to remove or uninstall unnecessary apps in your Sony Xperia Z2. Im playing this game in my Xperia Play, i think this games is better play with touch Yeah, if gameloft wont speed up the releases for the xperia PLAY it will fall.

Hardware Specifications - These hardware specifications for the Xperia Play cover While these phones ran at the same speed as many other smartphones on.

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