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What happened to imperial russian jewels

Dec 30, The story of the missing Russian crown jewels begins, as so many great given to the imperial regalia of the Romanov family, the czars of Russia for the diadem and the bracelet, we have no idea what happened to them.". The Imperial Crown of Russia, also known as the Great Imperial Crown, was used by the was the creation of a permanent fund (фонд) to house a collection of jewels which belonged not to the Romanov family, but to the Russian State. List of Imperial Jewels found hidden in in Tobolsk The amazing truth of this story was kept Top Secret in the Russian Counter-Intelligence files until .

Sep 16, RUSSIAN CROWN JEWELS // LOST TREASURES OF THE The Imperial Crown of State includes a sapphire that once belonged to St. The Americans were allowed to view a portion of the Russian crown jewels, .. stamped with the crown of Imperial Russia, the correspondents were shown the. Oct 4, Members of the Romanovs, the last imperial family of Russia, in Seated ( left to right) Grand Duchess Marie, Empress Alexandra, Nicholas.

Jan 10, The diamonds, Faberge eggs, imperial Russian crowns and tiaras, . I've talked to people who know what happened back then. This is not a. Jan 27, The Imperial Russian court was one of the wealthiest in Europe. The Shah diamond, one of the Seven Historic Gems of the Russian Diamond. Mar 9, The Vladimir Tiara, now in the personal jewelry collection of Queen Elizabeth II, is one example of many Russian Imperial Jewels that survived.

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