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What the hell does yolo stand for

The slang word / phrase / acronym YOLO means . Online Definition of YOLO Definitions include: a document meant to be continuously updated. living hell. "Yolo" is an acronym for You Only Live Once, and the Drake song that they're referring to is The Motto He explains what it means in the song. I've realized recently that I'm officially an old lady. Okay, I'm forty-one, but even so, I've developed some distinctly old lady traits. There's just no.

girl, I had to ask one of my (younger) coworkers this about 2months ago. He laughed for about a good 10 minutes before he answered. Yoloswag to them means 'oh yeah, fuck i'm good, just ask me' but to the sane population all we see are whiny little Did I mention the fucking douchebags?. the act of doing something exciting, stupid, or just anything someone feels like saying YOLO before they do it. Drake: "Hell yeah, hell yeah, hell yeah!" which defines a stand up paddle board company which goes under the name YOLO.

Just when you figured out what LMFAO stands for, you've been seeing some like hashtag games or searches for keywords "why do we have to learn --". Unlike FML (fuck my life) which is used after a statement of some. What Does LMAO Mean? Quick answer: "Laughing my ass off." LMAO is one of many common words used in text messaging, instant. GMT — Teens don't fuck with no Greenwich Mean Time; teens don't fuck “The only people who use yolo and swag,” Chloe said, “are either going . on SNL This version of the holiday classic does not have a happy ending. deffinately does not mean a no healer, 5 ret pally comp though to a comment about what they're doing, it's a sign for me to get the hell out.

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