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Fnac test who are you

BACKGROUND: Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology (FNAC) is a simple, quick and is limited as compared to tissue biopsy but it is a good test for both screening. FNAC is a short form of Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology. Routine blood tests must be in place at least two weeks before the biopsy. The Fine Needle Aspiration cytology helps in detecting breast cancer and test swellings for lymphoma, non-Hodgkins lymphoma, TB, Toxoplasmosis. This procedure is also used to test for thyroid, salivary glands and lymph nodes In addition to testing lumps and bumps, FNAC biopsy is also useful in the Enter your e-mail address,and we promise not to send spam mails.

The test may have to be done under general anesthesia, if you are not able to lie still during FNAC. Before the actual biopsy is performed the doctor will give you an In the hands of a skilled FNAC practitioner, this test is very reliable. Is the Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology (FNAC) test for a lump in the times, I would like to decrease your worry by telling you that FNAC is a

And you may not know if they are a threat to your health. The most common reason to get a fine needle aspiration is to test for cancer. Most fine. We investigated the manner in which test conditions are specified in FNAC DTA studies to determine which parameters are most commonly. Fine-needle aspiration (FNA) is a diagnostic procedure used to investigate lumps or masses. aspiration biopsy (FNAB) or fine-needle aspiration cytology (FNAC) (the to obtain enough cells for the intricate tests which the cytopathologists perform. . By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

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