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Hard mode commander zilyana what to wear

Commander Zilyana has two phases in Hard Mode. Zilyana Ranged users should use Deflect/Protect from Melee, while Magic and Melee users should use . Eventually, Zilyana had her bodyguards wear the amulets; Bree took the pendant .. 40) - Defeat Hard Mode Commander Zilyana whilst under the effects of her. I have just started killing HM Zilyana and when I put Zilyana in the sunshine, sometimes she dies, sometimes she Hard Mode Commander Zilyana (self. runescape) Why not just use a different ult and solve the problem?.

General Information Commander Zilyana has LP with a max hit of Hit until it dies and use Protect from Magic or Soul Split. Unlike Graardor/K'ril Hard Mode, Zilyana Hard Mode isn't all that much different than normal mode. Unlike the normal battle, Commander Zilyana has two forms in Hard Mode. If using Magic it is advised to use Tsunami to finish Zilyana as it allows the player to .

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