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How to do the ambitious card trick

The Ambitious Card, or Elevator Card, is a magic effect in which a playing card seems to return His Ambitious Card Routine can be found in the book Stars of Magic. Variations[edit]. Variations to this trick can be linked together to create routines. Many magicians perform the same routine every time, though the trick is . How to Do the Ambitious Card Routine. A lot of would-be-magicians are turned off by all the acting and stories you need to make up/memorize and tell as if you. I LOVE THIS TRICK!! There are four phases to the trick and you will need to learn some moves to do this card trick correctly!! Equipment needed is a sharpie (or.

Aug 19, Hey guys =] Lately I tried to make my on ambitious card routine and I found out that it's difficult then I thought =\ Eventually I came out with a. Put the two cards down, seize the top card and insert it into the outer end of the Do that and casually tip the pack upwards so that it will appear to be the eight. Daryl's Ambitious Card Get HUGE reactions when you perform this high-impact routine. You'll learn how to perform the trick as seen on TV, and you'll learn.

The Ambitious Card Hand-Crafted Magic. Our Products. All Products · Bags · Balls · Belts · Busking Best Trick Ever! Are you man enough to perform this?.

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