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How to file nails properly

If you're not a fan of filing like me — I literally cringe when a nail technician at a salon whips a file out — or if you want your nails to stay as. A good nail shape is just as important as great nail art! Learn how to correctly file your nails with our tips and technique below! 1.) When filing. Marton suggests trimming nails to the desired length and then filing them into proper shape. Filing can also weaken nails if you use a.

You can promote good nail health right at home by filing your nails to keep them too frequently can damage them as they won't have time to grow properly. Beauty Header image how to file your nails properly fustany beauty nails main File your nails in one direction, from the corners to the center. Here is a how-to on the proper tool and technique for filing nails.

Let's start with the basics. The best way to shape your nails is by using a nail file. Some prefer to do their trimming with clippers, while others contest that filing is. It's a basic grooming habit, but most of us are doing it wrong. We found out the 3 most common mistakes and how to file your nails properly,by a.

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