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What if eazy-e stay alive

If Eazy hadn't died, I'd assume that the NWA would come back together, . wife's a greedy retard so maybe if he was alive these people would be more famous. I know Eazy-E wasn't the best rapper, but he really helped the genre more as a figure. Do you think if he hadn't died and still made mainstream gangster rap would it be relevant? But, him staying alive wouldn't keep gangsta rap relvant. Never said there was anything wrong in selling out, if I ever made it big I would go where the money was. If Tupac was still alive he would have.

Page 1 of 8 - If eazy E was still alive - posted in Off Topic: Do you think he would have personally made all the new shitty rappers like lil. Eric Lynn Wright (September 7, – March 26, ), better known by his stage name You had to be "thug," "playa," "athlete," "gangsta," or "dope man." Otherwise, there was only one role left to you: "victim." Jerry Heller on Eazy-E. Wright supported. At the time of his death, Eazy-E was only years-old and at the height the music community continues to grapple with his absence and still.

Eazy E died in of AIDS. Shortly before his death, him and Dre stopped beefing I believe. Lets say that he didn't die, what do you think he. It was more shocking than any gangsta rap lyric could ever be. But while he was alive, Eazy-E's life resembled a war zone. “Well, if he did die of AIDS, why was there so much cover up surrounding the details of his death?.

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