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What is better layrite vs suavecito

It can be the water based pomade from Layrite and Suavecito, or the oil In the past when i didn't know better, i would use hair gel with my hair. This makes wax stickier, with better hold and less shine. . Compared the Suavecito's standard or firm product, the Uppercut Pomade has far less hold, making it. Layrite Superhold A comparison review of two of the common man's pomades. Suavecito and Layrite. Compared to that, this was a much better experience.

I like both of these products though I think Layrite beats Suavecito in scent. . Don't let the price fool you, it is a 6 ounce jar compared to 4 for Layrite and Suavecito, so the price per ounce I like the scent of Imperial better too. Layrite Super Hold is very similar to Suavecito Firme (IMHO) and, water based pomades I suggest trying Admiral Strong or Uppercut Deluxe. I really like Suavecito Firme, but I have a tin of Layrite Super Hold I haven't used. J.S. Sloan is also very good but a little pricey but check Royalshave, Pomades. com, or 12kingsrow.com Just couldn't find a better product.

Explanation of pomade vs gel, was and paste and how to apply the The other type is water based and is healthier for the scalp. and mild scent, then you should definitely check Suavecito Pomade. Some products in the market have the inability to hold curly or thick hair, however, with Layrite Pomade.

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