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What is receptacle blocked

Hi sellers, I shipped an item USPS, I tracked the item and I received this: “ Notice Left (Receptacle Blocked) We. Maybe pm might mean that the carrier "ran out of time" for all of the day's remaining deliveries? Call post office to find out why no delivery and tell them to re-deliver mail. Package could not be delivered at because the mailbox was blocked. Hey yall, I was tracking something I ordered from eBay and I see that a delivery attempt was made on 12/30 (It is now Jan 01, ). It said that.

Initially the tracking showed Out for delivery but now is changed to RECEPTACLE BLOCKED. Could you please explain what it means?. It means that there was a vehicle or some other object blocking the mailbox. Generally they will try again the next day, but if it happens too. Delivery of the item could not be completed because the mail receptacle was blocked. What does this mean?.

Notice left: Receptacle blocked. Does anyone know what this means? Especially because no mail has been delivered today so how can a. Has anyone ever heard of a delivery error due to the receptacle being blocked? I was checking the tracking yesterday on a set of irons i sold. Notice Left (Receptacle Blocked) We attempted to deliver your item at pm on February 17, in BROOKLYN, NY 1XXXX and a notice.

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