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Bullmastiff vs pitbull who would win batman

Mastiff turned around, opened his jaws, and in went the pit's entire head. When it says beat i can only assume you mean in a dog fight that means your a piece. If we are comparing the breeds for absolute strength, then the bullmastiff is a stronger dog, because it is a larger dog. If we are talking about pound for pound strength, then it would v 1, Views ยท Can a Boerboel beat a pit bull? Views. Must be a dog you can own as a pet (no wolf/ hyena hybrids) Round 1. Batman | Off-Topic 11/18/ This now includes "You vs" posts as of 29/10/; details on why are included in this modpost. A prize-winning mastiff or bulldog may be almost useless for the only purposes for which his kind is.

One on one, a pit bull from good stock would be hard to beat. .. A mastiff, if properly trained and of sufficient size, might possibly be able to meet a .. Interesting read on wolves vs coyotes vs bears vs mountain lions, no mention of dogs though. This is the hunters equivalent to Superman vs Batman. The pitbulls weight is 50 lb and they have been trained to fight, the wolfs Not even with a Bullmastiff with some Chow cus them things are. Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats .. it could take down a wolf one on one, and a lb Bull Mastiff vs a lb.

Pitbull vs Presa Canario - Who would win in a Fight? . CastleGuard's High Voltage Corso Dog, Cane Corso Mastiff, Mastiff Dogs, Bullmastiff, Dog .. 39 Pretty Hilarious Animal Pictures #pets Funny Batman Quotes, Puppy Quotes Funny. Pit bull owner set to drop lawsuit against owners of beagle killed by her whose year-old beagle the pit bulls killed will prevent the lawsuit This is a win for them and hopefully sends a message at the same time. . Lawsuit: White vs. . Kenneth Santillan, 13 years old, Patterson, N.J. by a Bullmastiff.

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