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How to do single space in wordpad

Hi, I have a new computer and am new to word pad. I can't get it to single space. I clicked the space to 1 which is the lowest, but it is still double. To do that, choose the last option from the line-spacing menu: “Add 10pt . I created a template document for Wordpad that had only a single. The problem with WordPad [and Write from 12kingsrow.com] is it is a very basic word processor and has few things one can change and retain.

You can also use keyboard shortcuts to set line spacing in WordPad. "Ctrl-1" sets single line spacing, "Ctrl-2" sets double line spacing, and "Ctrl-5" sets line. Writing a paper in WordPad but can't find the double space option? You can switch back to single spacing by selecting the text that you want to change and. Learn how to adjust the single space settings of both lines and paragraphs in Word. You can single-space all or part of a document. Newer versions Office.

So, there is the trick to make 12kingsrow.com file with, say, one space, I copy an email in single line spacing and paste it into Wordpad to clean it up. When I do set it to single space sentences, it defaults to double spacing them when re-opening Wordpad. If there's some registry setting to. It's not quite double-spaced but more than single spaced. BUT Wordpad will not REMEMBER this and I have to do it EVERY time I want to.

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