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What is smart stay

Smart Stay is Samsung’s new feature that actually watches you to make sure you are still watching the screen. The screen on the Samsung Galaxy S III (S3) is amazing. Smart Stay is one of the groundbreaking features of the new Galaxy S3. Don't let your Galaxy S7 screen go dark on you. The Samsung Galaxy S7 has a brilliant screen that makes your photos and videos come to life. Smart Stay is a feature that's been included on Samsung's flagship devices since the Samsung Galaxy S3. What is Samsung Smart Stay? It keeps your smartphone or tablet screen from shutting off. Learn more about it, plus how to turn the feature on.

The Smart stay feature uses the front camera to sense when you are looking at your device, and keeps the screen from turning off regardless of the screen. If you are using Samsung devices you might know there is one feature called “ Smart Stay”. When this feature is enabled, the device will prevent. The Smart Stay feature is designed to keep the screen enabled when you are looking at the device. When this is enabled, the eye icon constantly stays on the.

Smart Stay is a handy feature on your Samsung Galaxy S6. Activated the display stays lighted as long as you look at it. Turn SmartStay on or off - Samsung Galaxy Note 5. Smart stay is a feature that keeps your screen from shutting off while looking at the device. To disable Smart . smartSTAY gives you a minimum of three free value adds every time you check- in to one of our participating hotel partners, and all for no extra cost in your rate.

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