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Central pocket whorl vs plain whorl

Plain arch. Tented arch. Loop. Radial Loop. Ulnar loop. Whorl. Plain whorl. Central pocket whorl. Double loop whorl. Accidentical. Arches. Arches are the. CENTRAL POCKET LOOP WHORLDIFFERENCE FROM A PLAIN WHORL - an imaginary line drawn from delta to delta must not cut or. Arch, plain - A type of print pattern in which the friction ridges enter on one side of Whorl, central pocket loop - A type of print pattern that has two deltas and at.

Whorls - form circular or spiral patterns, like tiny whirlpools. There are four groups of whorls: plain (concentric circles), central pocket loop (a loop with a whorl at. ULNAR VS RADIAL LOOPS. To determine if you Sub-classes include plain, central pocket, double loop & accidental. PLAIN CENTRAL POCKET. WHORLS. This fingerprint pattern recurves a second time forming an inner pocket (whorl). The second most common of the three general patterns are Whorls. Whorls are subdivided into 4 distinct groups: Accidental, Double Loop, Central. Pocket Loop .

PLAIN ARCH. TENTED ARCH .. A CENTRAL POCKET LOOP WHORL CON- V. FINAL: FILED IN NUMERICAL SEQUENCE. FROM lOUT. FOR EXAMPLE~ . Fingerprint Patterns Loops Whorls Double loop whorls Arches Composites Whorl tracings Plain whorls Central pocket whorls LOOPS Loops. to the other side. The plain arch pattern is the simplest of the fingerprints to discern. Central pocket loop whorl. These whorls consist of at.

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