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How to get patches on deck pass

All of amazing existing functionality of Deck Pass still exists - patches, goals, best times, friends Get started today to get the most out both in and out of the pool!. Login to your Deck Pass account via your mobile device. 2. The new Swim-a- Thon patches have been assigned to your swimmers Deck Pass accounts!. Heck, using the app you can even get discounts at hotels and stuff. But one of the crowning features of Deck Pass is the Deck Pass Patch page. Basically, USA.

Patches for Deck Pass, the official online and mobile app of USA Swimming. A tool that allows coaches to award digital patches to their swimmers Deck Pass Perks: Deck Pass users will get exclusive deals from USA Swimming and. Have you collected all 6 available TrueSport patches in USA Swimming's Deck Pass app? The first 50 swimmers to complete the TrueSport Deck Pass program .

USA Swimming's Deck Pass App is a fantastic and ingenious creation. Have any ideas for Deck Pass Patches that we need to add to our list?. ·For Coaches: Award digital patches to your swimmers. Get Our team's times, As a parent, you can have a Deck Pass account. You are able to either link your. Deck Pass is the official mobile application of USA Swimming. Download the Deck Pass application today and connect with all your swimming friends. Deck Pass patches as pins and taggoggles? Yes, please! Here are examples - what patches would you want to see used? 12kingsrow.com PM.

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