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How to put together riderz training wheels

I decided to pick up a set of training wheels, and bought the least the instructions on how to install these training wheels made by Riderz. 12” and 16” Training Wheels. Assemble Training Wheel (Figure 1). 1. Insert the training wheel bolt through the training wheel. 1. Install the inner nut. 2. Tighten. 1) Place the axle bolt through the wheel. 2) Thread one of the nuts on the axle bolt until it stops (use a flat washer here). 3) Put the axle through.

Installing is easy if you take a look at the inside of the package! There are two nuts and a few washers on the screw that is used to hold the. Although you may be the handy type, I strongly suggest you take everything to a bike shop for correct assembly. Isn't your child worth it?. Couldn't discover the directions to these d damn training wheels.

Horrible instructions, bad design and would never buy again. I would have returned it if I didn't try to make it work and heavily modify it so it will fit and allow the.

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