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Moon in pisces what does it mean

Pisces is the final sign of The Zodiac, and has much to do with sensitivity – to valuable information, but can lead you astray sometimes, means that you will. Is your astrological Moon in Pisces? Learn all about what it means to have your Moon in Pisces, a wonderfully artistic and imaginative sign. People born with the moon in Pisces are known for their imagination, affection, meaning your emotions come in waves that shape your perceptions. If you do not like your work atmosphere or are out of sync with your.

What does it mean, when Moon passes through Pisces zodiac sign?. Once again the lunar cycle is approaching another full moon. And while the moon reaches this status every month, each full moon has its own. The moon sign in astrology governs our inner selves. If your moon sign is in Pisces, your deepest emotions take on the qualities of the Pisces Sun sign.

Moon in the Signs Cont'd: Moon in Libra through Moon in Pisces drive for harmony, peace, and sharing is so powerful, Lunar Librans are apt to do a lot of conceding. . Their dreaminess can mean plenty of moments of absent- mindedness. Intuition, coincidences, and imaginative journeys are ruled by this moon. The Pisces Full Moon is always a positive one that makes you feel that. Moon in Pisces makes us romantic and dreamy. The intuition is sharpened, there may appear some mystical moods. When the moon is in Pisces, we may easily. The moon is a mirror in the night sky, reflecting the light of the sun. It serves to reason then that in astrological terms, the moon guides the.

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