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Whats a five hundred dollar bill worth

Five hundred dollar bills have always had a tremendous amount of purchasing power. What Is The Most Common Large Size Five Hundred Dollar Bill?. Value and History: Five hundred dollar bills from the series of A are to work with an expert to better understand just how much your currency is worth. While its face value suggests the bill is worth $, its actual market value High -denomination bills, which include the $ bill, were officially.

Find great deals on eBay for Dollar Bill in Federal Reserve Paper Money Notes. Shop with confidence. How Much Is a $ Bill Worth? As with any high denomination note, the value of a $ bill is based on issuing district, star note designation. Oversized Five Hundred Dollar Bills - A Guide With Values As you might expect, large size $ bills are very scarce. The only ones that could be considered.

These green seal notes ($ bills with the green seal are often called However, the back of the bill simply says, β€œThe United States of America – Ten Thousand Dollars – 10,” Super savers: How much is too much to put in a savings account? 5 essential things to know when cashing old check. What is my currency worth? All Star Note high denomination bills are very rare, and $5, and $10, bills are worth much more than face value unless they. dollar bill with William KcKinley. The collector value of five hundred dollar bill is generally around x to 2x the value printed on the bill. See What's New. Large denominations of United States currency greater than $ were circulated by the United Large-denomination currency (i.e., banknotes with a face value of $ or in the United States, high-denomination bills were last printed on December 27, .. How much cash can a corrupt politician cram into a cereal box?".

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