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Where is baby jessica now 2010

MIDLAND, Texas — “Baby Jessica” has her own babies now. . In December , after more than a decade of legal fallout from his. Jessica McClure Morales (born March 26, ) became famous on October 14, , at the subject of a ABC television movie Everybody's Baby: The Rescue of Jessica McClure. On May 30, , USA Today ranked McClure number 22 on its list of "25 lives of indelible impact. . Retrieved November 24, In October , the world was transfixed by the story of Baby Jessica McClure, the month old toddler who fell 22 feet in to a small well in.

On Oct. 14, , month-old Jessica McClure fell down a narrow well in her aunt's By: MNN Admin on Oct. 12, , p.m. Baby Jessica's rescue The year-old has had 15 surgeries since her rescue and is now married with a . But Jessica made it through the firestorm and is a mom herself now living a happy and quiet life in Texas. Her parents didn't even mention to her she was the baby in the well until Jessica . February 17, at AM. Before the Chile Miners' Rescue, Baby Jessica Caught World's Attention; Not All Involved CBS October 14, , PM public while I was in school," Jessica, who has no recollection of the event, said in a Today Show interview.

'Baby Jessica' And The Cave Rescue. The Baby Jessica story had a happy ending. But every now and then, an exception emerges. consider the 33 miners who spent 69 days trapped in a Chilean copper mine in Before the Chilean miners there was Baby Jessica. By Devin Faraci Oct. 13, She has a kid now, and as far as I can tell, she still lives in old Midland, Texas, where she had her adventure in the hole (which ended up costing her part of.

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