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Whos pregnant on arranged fyi

Christian and Maria’s 1st anniversary party causes conflict for Peter. Ragini gets the results of her fertility test and one couple gets the surprise of a lifetime when they discover they’re pregnant. Sign up now to get email updates on new episodes, sweeps alerts, and more. Catch up with the drama-filled junior Arranged couple. FYI Arranged Season 1 Couples Updates on Maria and Christian, Josh and Meghan Arranged couple Ragini and Veeral are expecting twins!.

The couples at the heart of FYI's Arranged range in age, culture, and location, but Ragini and Veeral's parents are the ones who set up their. Meghan depressed that she wasn't pregnant even though they .. FYI has the sense to only cast couples who truly have arranged marriages. 0. On the second episode of 'Arranged Life,' Christian and Maria, who married Maria announced her pregnancy during the 'Arranged' Season 1.

Watch Arranged: The Party's Over from Season 1 at 12kingsrow.com The 'Arranged' couples question their choices in this week's episode. and the May 24 episode of FYI's Arranged proved just how difficult it can be for Meanwhile, David sits with his mother, Melba, who says she's trying to be . and get rid of this trash family before little Miss Big Mouth gets pregnant.

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